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    JR, JesseCW

    You did not say "guns per capita", you said

    the rate of gun ownership (by percentage)
    These are two very different things. If there are 10 guns and 10 people, that tells us nothing of the percentage of people who own those guns. It could be one per person, or one person with all 10 guns.

    You may be correct in that the US has a higher per capita number of guns in circulation, but that is not what you said. But as the diary creator, you have the option to edit it to be correct.

    •  I'm not sure what you are trying to say here but (1+ / 0-)
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      Whether you want to read my words as a percentage of households with guns (my intent) or percentage of the population who own guns (similar intent) or comparative percentage of guns in the population (not my intent, though it seems to be yours), I stand by the statement as true. Yes, the per capita rate of guns in America is much higher than Switzerland and that could be because of the hypothetical you list above. But I did not misstate my point that the percentage rate of gun owning households in America is also much higher than that of Switzerland: about 45% of American households and about 28% of Swiss households. America has more guns, more houses with guns and more individuals who own guns, both in terms of raw numbers and in terms of rate--no matter how you measure it.  But as the author of this diary I took your challenge, redid the research and came to the same answers and am confident that the way I stated this point is accurate. Or I am mistaken and you can show me a source instead of a hypothetical to disprove me. Then I will stand corrected.

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