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View Diary: Here's your proof the Tea Party has imploded. (42 comments)

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  •  Yup, that's one of the things (1+ / 0-)
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    so entertaining about it.

    On the one hand, a big part of their audience is conservative white male America, what you might have otherwise suspected to be a teabagger hotbed.

    ON THE OTHER HAND... professional wrestling for historical reasons has a huge Hispanic fanbase.  

    So which group do they NOT insult?

    The way WWE might look at it is as Zeb Colter put it in an interview: this is all just entertainment.  People expect crap like this from wrestling.  

    Do you remember Randy Savage?  His gimmick was that he had a beauty-pageant type assistant named Elizabeth (maybe I get the name wrong) that he would speak to abusively over his shoulder during interviews.  She used to smile nervously and wince and cringe around him.  Then came the day that they came out on stage... and Elizabeth had a fucking BLACK EYE.  How did she get it?   Oh, we all knew.  That son of a bitch hit Elizabeth (or at least we were invited to play along with the melodrama and boo at Randy Savage, hoping he'd lose).

    So it's the same melodrama, only this time, instead of a wife beater, it's a racist tea bagger saying shit about a Mexican-American from an illustrious family.

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