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View Diary: The True Power Of Conservatives And Their Use Of Religion - Conformity and Authority - (34 comments)

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    Big flip about your background.  Watch the videos and look up the archaeological resources given.  Maybe you'll learn something.  There are many people who interpret reality through the eyes of religion rather than the other way around.  It is only recently that a Biblical view of archaeology has been challenged.

    As for therapy.  I scored 99.9% on social awareness.  I learn from the people I deal with.  Your anger and attitude has taught me much.

    Your acknowledgement about your created religion and disdain for Christianity got me thinking about the relationship between the two.  Knowledge is power.  Especially if others remain ignorant.  The Jewish population in the United States is about 2.2% yet seven out of the top media moguls in the world are Jewish.  For a long time they dominated Hollywood and still have great influence and power to maintain propaganda and mythology.

    As a Christian before I pondered how Jewish people dealt with sin.  I knew a Jewish owner of a CPA firm in adultery.  According to Jewish beliefs he should be killed.  Christianity has one factor Judaism does not, grace.
    It never dawned on me that the way they deal with it is that they don't truly believe their own mythology.  

    So how does Judaism have such power in relation to Christianity that the United States majorly funds Israel and is drawn into their politics?  Christianity is dependent on the Jewish God!  Without the Jewish God there would be no Christian faith.  That gives Judaism major power doesn't it.  We saw that influence this last election with Sheldon Adelson, Casio Billionaire in Las Vegas major funding the Conservatives with millions of dollars.  Sheldon Adelson is building his own media empire in Israel to spread propaganda.  Sheldon Adelson is another Rupert Murdoch building a media empire for power.  

    Now you can try and deflect and lie and call me names.  I would expect that of you anyway.  Maybe the degree of non-belief of Jewish people in their own religion you demonstrated was a shock at first to me.  But it all makes sense now.

    What better way to manipulate others than control over the core of their beliefs in God itself.  Maybe that is why you got angry.  Because I pointed out the fallacy of believing in a God who requires animal and human sacrifice and worship of him.  It doesn't shake your beliefs but it might shake your people's influence and control over the Christian beliefs at least from the angle of media.

    Oh, your background in anthropology is no more guarantee to your ability to reason than the guy in the first video "Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment Or How People Believe Obvious Lies"  Which line is longer?  

    Your comments deflect and deny any religious belief to stand behind so it would appear your efforts are more slanted toward maintaining power rather giving substance.  By attacking and belittling you hope to maintain taht power.  

    "When asked which stick is longer you ask the questioner why he wants to know."  lol

    I'll take social awareness over a background in anthropology any day.  At least it gives a person the ability to examine and learn.

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