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  •  Good point-but the other point to that is whether (9+ / 0-)

    Gregory pushed back a second time; and further refuted Boehner---which I bet he didn't.

    •  ...he didn't. He let Boehner just say that... (7+ / 0-)

      ...what Gregory said was a lie.

      We now are living in Dante's Hell.  The Republicans are nothing more than a "strategy" and no longer a governing body.

      They lie and lie and lie.  In the long run it is hurting Obama.  Obama's approval rating slipped three points since the Sequester began.  The public now blames both parties and the percentages are closing.

      Currently 28% blame the Republicans and 22% blame Obama.  John Boehner's lie that Obama has offered nothing is starting to stick with the public.

      At Yellowstone Park they fully blame Obama because the sequester has now required they don't plow the roads and so Yellowstone will open up two weeks late which translates into $millions lost for the local economy.  Of course it is ALL Obama's fault they say.

      Since the Republicans are planning on having a fiscal crisis every three months for the remainder of Obama's second term...well, it doesn't look good for Obama.

      Sure, we all know his strategy is to win the House back in 2014 by making the House Republicans look like total jerks.  But I don't personally believe the American public has enough of an attention span they will get that in another 1 3/4ths years from now.

      I am sickened that this Sequester bullshit has totally stopped gun control and immigration legislation moving forward.  It has simple taken all the air out of Obama's begging of his second term.

      The USA looks incredibly stupid and idiotic to Europe and China.  We are showing the world we ARE NOT fit to lead...and that Democracy really turns into a pile of crap where nothing gets done after 236 years.

      I know Obama is expecting the public to really push back hard against Republican's when the Sequester starts hurting them personally (as it is now around Yellowstone Park)...but I fear Obama and the Administration will ultimately be blamed more because "they don't lead."

      Stay tuned...

      Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences.

      by paradise50 on Sun Mar 03, 2013 at 11:23:57 AM PST

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