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View Diary: “The Politics of Disimagination and the Pathologies of Power,” by Dr. Henry A. Giroux (9 comments)

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  •  We used to have this: (9+ / 0-)
    There is a need to invent modes of pedagogy that release the imagination, connect learning to social change and create social relations in which people assume responsibility for each other.
    Then we got NCLB, and all we got were bubble sheets.

    No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.--Lily Tomlin

    by Desert Rose on Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 04:34:57 AM PST

    •  Bubble sheets are like elections. (4+ / 0-)
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      bobswern, Don midwest, jbob, aliasalias

      Most people think they measure progress.

      When 1% take 121% of the gains from "recovery", people actually recovering from lost employment are trading down on wages and benefits. Current strategies by moderates don't even consider winning the Class War.

      by Words In Action on Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 06:15:47 AM PST

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      •  measure of X = X (5+ / 0-)

        in the form of an equation

        m(X) = X

        here is how it works

        take some issue, say education

        measure of education = grades

        this provides a way to compress all the dimensions about education into a numerical score and ignore what was left out from the measurement.

        m(economy) = stock market

        m(economy) = GDP

        easy to see how a pseudo science can provide a basis for ignorance

        critical thinking, the subject of this diary, is lost when the world is discusses as m(X)=X

        but it sure makes it easier for the corporate media

        no need for investigative reporters! just look at the scores

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