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  •  problem is that we also have a punitive system (21+ / 0-)

    which punishes a person who does seek treatment.  Filling out some paperwork I noted one question was if I had ever been treated for a mental illness.  I found this intriguing as there are many illnesses which I have been treated for, recovered from, and went on with my life.  No one seems interested in my bout with pneumonia when I was six or my tonsillitis when I was five but any treatment at any time in my life for any sort of mental illness rated mention.

    This convinces me of two truisms.  The first is that to seek treatment for a rough patch can come back to bite you later in life so you are better trying to go under the radar rather than seeking treatment (imagine this as a course of action with heart disease or cancer)
    The second is the general public perception that mental illness is forever and if you are ever treated, you are ill for life.  A cure is not possible, in too many people's eyes.  

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