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  •  Depression runs through my family (1+ / 0-)
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    Depression runs through my family like wildfire.  Most of the time, it manifests itself as anger.  My entire family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, spent a lifetime of arguing, fighting, throwing things, and so on.  We thought this was normal.  

    I'm on 2 anti-depressants right now and they work for me.  Much of my family is either on anti-depressants or still running wild.

    Depression is not just a mental illness.  It is chemical imbalance in the brain.  Anti-depressants try to correct that imbalance.  

    I am no more uncomfortable with my illnes than I would be with high blood pressure or diabetes.  

    As for insurance companies, many anti-depressants are now generic.  Find a doctor who will work with you and will work with the drug companies.  

    No one should have to live a life literally on the edge of being out of control.

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