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View Diary: David Waldman invokes "Cloture" on Armando (92 comments)

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  •  I am among those who listens almost every day (7+ / 0-)

    to the live webcast via iTunes and Netroots radio.  I really appreciate David's in depth knowledge of the arcane inner workings of Congress.  I was a government major too many years ago to mention.  Though my professors were generally very good, I don't remember ever getting such a detailed explanation of how things like the filibuster actually work.  It goes a long way toward explaining why so little of substance actually gets done.

    I also enjoy Greg Dworkin's regular segments on polling and the gun violence debates from the perspective of an actual Newtown resident and physician.

    Armando's frequent contributions on whatever topics are currently on his mind whether they be drone strikes, the fiscal crisis of the moment, or the failure of the mainstream media to adequately inform are interesting and informative.  I do which his schedule permitted him to do his own show more often, but his interactions with David are usually funny and interesting.  
    Thanks for the good work.  We who are out here listening appreciate it!

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