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  •  Well then, just to get it out there about drivers (5+ / 0-)
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    we have around 300 drivers for 74 ES and
    Around 20 MS and 20 HS
    Top pay for bus drivers is $18,000. They start at $13,000.

    It's necessary to have a second job to survive as a driver but doing three and sometimes four/five routes when someone doesn't show up, which is happening a lot lately, doing that twice a day really puts a cramp in other income opportunities for most of them. One driver that I talk to a lot at my school has been doing it for 20 years and topped out a while back. She also has a full time gig at UPS but she's always late and the only reason they haven't let her go is because she's been there for 26 years and they know her plight.

    With no raises for anyone except administrators in the system offices for the last five years, the work for bus drivers (and the rest of us) has at least doubled, pay has decreased 6.5% due to furlough days and even more due to insurance premium hikes, and to top that off the time to work other jobs to make ends meet has been seriously compromised.
    They're really pissed.
    I'm really pissed.

    A small piece of a lot of misery in public ed these days that's probably reached into every city by now.

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