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View Diary: Abortion is just like the Holocaust, says death penalty lover, because he's a schmuck (150 comments)

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  •  Well, that's also a difficult question (1+ / 0-)
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    because if you believe there is a separate human life involved, do you not have a moral obligation to try to prevent the killing of that life?  We don't leave it entirely up to others to decide when there is a separate human life that has interests worth protecting.  We do make those decisions as a society.

    Certainly, if we saw a mother trying to kill a newborn, we would have a moral obligation to stop it.  We don't say, well, she believes that it's not really a separate human life until it can reason and think, and that's her decision to make.  Let me give you a hypothetical:  Do you think that a majority of the country would say it's not their place to try to prevent a mother from deciding to abort a healthy fetus shortly before she gives birth?  I don't think that most people would think that's completely up to the mother to decide that her healthy full-term fetus about to be born is not a separate human life.  Clearly, the vast majority of women make good decisions as far as pregnancy goes. But for those few women who may have mental or emotional issues, would we as a society have a moral obligation to prevent her from voluntarily aborting, or otherwise harming, the fetus while she is on the way to the delivery room?  If the answer is yes (as I think it would be for most of us) it is because we, as a society, would consider that there is a separate human life there, and we have an obligation to protect that separate human life.  

    Again, Roe v. Wade clearly did not take the view that it is completely up to the woman, throughout the pregnancy, to decide when the interests of the separate human life can be considered by the rest of society in making laws.  Roe set that moment at viability.  At that moment, government can play the role of considering the interests of the fetus.  

    •  "Protect the life?" (3+ / 0-)
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      irishwitch, Alfuso, Mayfly

      From a woman you describe as being a terrifying prospect for a mother.  Let's forget about abortion and focus on the living breathing human who can now live outside of her womb.  Who the hell is gonna care for it?  

      This is going to sound completely radical (I sure hope it does...wake up, people) all abortion rhetoric and discussion should cease and desist until we concentrate on policies which protect our existing children and insure their safety and survival.  Period.  And when "pro lifers" begin doing that then their views on abortion become worthy of consideration.    

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