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View Diary: Norquist, ALEC, Koch lose on home turf. Wind and sanity win. (56 comments)

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  •  Vermont (10+ / 0-)

    Wind power is being actively demonized by dupes using Koch-funded talking points in Vermont. They repeatedly cite the "corporate" nature of wind power (playing to the "anything involving a corporation is evil" meme), allege health complaints from the almost inaudible sound of turbines (leading to a few genuine psychosomatic illnesses), and phoney statistics about bird and wildlife impacts (not bothering to compare the competing economic use of forested ridges — clear cutting them, often the landowners' other option to afford to maintain their holdings). Oh, and the electricity from turbines doesn't "actually" replace electricity from dirty sources. Must be fun to sit around the table making up lies, then ship them out across the country to the "grass roots" groups.

    So it's nice to see the pervasive disinformation campaign fail in Kansas!

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