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View Diary: President Obama on today's sequester meeting with congressional leaders (270 comments)

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  •  Breaking the Frame that Taxes is a Binary Choice (0+ / 0-)

    The Republican propagandist has doen a very effective job in making taxes a binary choice, but cuts in government spending as a matter of degree. What Republicans have argued is that you either raise taxes or you don't. It doesn't matter whether you raise taxes by a cent or by a trillion dollars, raising taxes is an evil act that reduces individual freedom (However, payroll taxes are exempted).

    This frame that taxes is a binary choice makes Republicans believe that you can't raise taxes because the act of raising taxes is itself evil. Thus, raising taxes is a policy that is not negotiable. However, since cuts in spending is a matter of degree, the amount of cuts in government spending is negotiable. Progressive must find a way to break this frame of thinking.

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