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View Diary: The NRA is just one part of a right wing campaign (78 comments)

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  •  NRA-think: Lawful will of majority=tyranny? (6+ / 0-)

    Interesting.  The NRA pushes an absolutist interpretation of the 2nd amendment as a "tool to resist tyranny".  Then they try use this interpretation to justify their intent to violate laws that might be passed by their freely elected officials, at the behest of a majority of their fellow citizens, even if our courts were to find them constitutional. Apparently a constitutional democracy and Stalinist Russia are equivalent in their eyes.

    There are words for that sort of thinking and behaviour, but "law-abiding" and "responsible" are not among them.

    My right to own and use firearms (and I do) does not magically trump my fellow citizens' rights to seek to pass laws and have them enforced in a manner that is simply the normal workings of a democracy.

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