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  •  the stenography pool looking to their bosses (1+ / 0-)
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    for how to handle this.

    This may be an even stronger argument than the medical field offers that some business is better run independently of the pursuit of profit.  Once "news" was evaluated on whether it brought in bucks, someone with Julie Yellin's journalistic skills were as inevitable as baby rabbits.

    It is all to sell advertising, now.  And that is sold by offering up paregoric: news that doesn't threaten, that makes you feel more comfortable, that soothes the multitudes and puts blame to the bringers of sour news.  So you get Edward R. Murrow as repackaged by Walt Disney Studios.  Like the water in the theme park ponds, perfectly colored and absolutely clear, and utterly dead.

    Rather than being strengthened by clear presentation of problems that seem out of reach of our capabilities, that reveals the consequences of arrogance and expediency, that suggest that the pursuit of perfection is worthy, (and even better than attaining it), we are fed the narcotic of assurance and contentment, tunnel vision and nostalgia for a euphoric past that never existed.

    These are small people, whose ultimate aim is having it made, peace at the center of their own little circle of Lennie's rabbits.  Their goal is to placate their egos, to feed Maya as a way of defeating it.  It is chilling to contemplate them--it is certain whatever ideas they have they have stolen from someone else and taken the credit.

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