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View Diary: Congressional Democrats file brief arguing DOMA needs to go (19 comments)

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  •  Split out... (4+ / 0-)

    Blue Dogs in the house that are on the list of not signing:

    Barrow, Bishop, Cooper, Costa, Cuellar, Gallego, Matheson, Mcintyre, Peterson, Schrader, Scott and Thompson

    Michaud(ME-2) and Sanchez(CA-47) did sign it.

    The other ones that sort of stand out:

    Senators Levin and Reed, but as you say that could be the RfMA. Casey and Udall are a little odd, but that could be religion (Catholic and LDS respectively)

    Out of the house members who aren't blue dogs or sponsors for the RfMA listed, the other ones that jump out from states that either have Marriage Equality or close are Rick Larsen (WA) and Lipinski (IL). Lipinski is far enough downstate that it isn't a huge surprise. I think Larsen may be an email glitch, he's got a multitude of pro-marriage equality stuff on the internet.

    •  Casey has said many times... (0+ / 0-)

      ...that he supports civil unions but not gay marriage.

      Pennsylvania is a rather complicated state. Although it is Democratic, there are large parts of the state with socially conservative Democrats and Independents who might vote for Casey because he's not totally in line with the Democrats on every social issue. I think he's been hurt somewhat with them by not being batsh*t insane (he supports family planning, for example) but I suspect he still pulls in enough support that the issue of gay marriage introduces some rather complictated decision making for him.

      And on top of it all, as you pointed out, Senator Casey is also Catholic.

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