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    we don't have sales tax, we have VAT which is the value added tax. Every time a product undergoes another process such as packaging, you subtract the VAT you paid, and slap yours on it. It can be accounting hell, just saying. The good thing for consumers is that the tax is factored into the price, so you know what you'll be paying by the sticker. The point being that to my mind the government should give you a value detracted fee when you sell something secondhand (snark).

    Unfortunately, yard sales aren't happening here.They have car boot (trunk) sales instead because no one wants people in their garden (yard) and people are diffident about going on others' property. Sad but true: if what you're selling doesn't fit in the trunk to be transported to a soulless, muddy field, you're stuck selling it in the paper. I don't miss Texas' sales taxes, but I do miss the yard sales.

    "We are monkeys with money and guns". Tom Waits

    by northsylvania on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 02:18:23 AM PST

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