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  •  Anybody see weird head twitches in a cat? (2+ / 0-)

    5 year old Bobo has been sneezing for awhile, which we put down to a cold. It suddenly got worst, and then I noticed that his head constantly twitched.

    I brought him to his regular vet who thought his eye was causing him to spasm (but couldn't find the reason). ($200+ for 2 visits).

    Bobo then saw an ophthalmologist, who thought it might be feline herpes, but said that the test for it wasn't worth the money He prescribed famciclovir - which has stopped the sneezing ($450 for pills and visit).

    After all this stress, he developed a weird lip thing that looked like he was snarling. The twitching continued.

    He next saw a neurologist who gave him an MRI and spinal tap, and she also couldn't find a causal factor. She prescribed phenobarbital for his seizures, which has helped with the snarl. ($3,200)

    He's still twitching, along with the embarrassment of sporting big, square bald spot on the top of his head.

    But, whenever his sister Daisy gives him a "WTF is wrong with you??" look, it's a great reason to give chase and a resounding uppercut smackaroo.

    Bobo Baldy McTwitch ..what a bad winter.


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