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  •  Zielinski should be gone. (2+ / 0-)
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    noise of rain, 3goldens


    And if he's not gone by the end of next week, then his boss, Mike Tate, should be gone.

    •  He's apologized on twitter, after taking a lot of (3+ / 0-)

      heat. Mike Tate already apologized for him, which he does over and over, and they all want to "move on."  Moving on is what they do, as they complain about the "cards dealt them" and seem incapable of finding new blood or doing new things or even getting the money together to not seem like some parochial countywide group.

      Meanwhile, people are checking out and they don't seem to notice or care.

      They do make a good point about his tweets: that we should be outraged about what Walker is doing to the state, not about a few silly comments. I agree with that, though - as with many such situations - these are not mutually exclusive positions.

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