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    I had a complicated relationship with my dad.  he wasn't indifferent, for  which I am grateful, but he had a drinking problem and REALLY was a mean drunk. big effect on my life, and a reason why we weren't as close as we could have been. Geography provided cover for both of us.

    when he died I realized that his life was over, and I could choose which parts of him I would give life to in memeory, and which to let go of.

    Letting go is not easy, but you have a chance, because of the finality of the situation. I hope you can someday soon bury the hurt your mom caused you and your brother, and find a way to honor the flawed human who brought you into the world. and forgive yourself! I was amazed at the survival guilt I went through, even though my Dad made choices that drove a wedge between us.

    Take care! Losing a parent is a very difficult thing for anyone.

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