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  •  I was Lead Pastor for my Sister-in-law's funeral (6+ / 0-)

    this Devember.  She was Japanese and a Buddist, but the rest of the family, friends and co-workers were Protestant, Catholic or non-believers.  I really stewed over how to honor Yumiko, yet give solace to the rest of those gathered for her funeral held in the National Cemetary.  I focused on the good Yumi had done through her years of working in a Health Care for the elderly and used the many stories her family and neighbors told about her random acts of caring.  I focused on the role of living a life of goodness was central to all religions. Music wasn't as issue since the National  Cemetary in Phoenix provided their standard chime interlude of  God Bless America and The Air Force Hymn. My seminary theology professor may have been in a tizzy if he knew, but Yumi's Japanese friends sang the routine daily Buddist prayer, then I closed with the 23rd Psalm.

    This was where I planned to close the ceremony, but my neice's in-laws wanted their Catholic lay pastor to close the service.  He did the sterotyped Preach'em into his exclusive Christian heaven sermon.  Fortunately, he preached his sermon in Spanish, so few of the Buddist and others who had broader thinking weren't offended.

    The dinner following at my neice's home served a mix of Japanese egg rolls, Philippine rice noodle casserole, Western Bar-B-Que, three international intrepretations of potato salad and Hoosier Apple or Pumpkin Pie.  

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