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View Diary: TX lesbian beaten unconscious on playground in front of children (133 comments)

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  •  Before anything happens (4+ / 0-)
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    rhetoricus, mamamedusa, grollen, NancyWH

    the guy has to be caught. That falls under the jurisdiction of the police department. Yes, the DA has the power to formally add hate crimes enhancement, but we haven't gotten to that stage yet. The police do play a very large role in this, and I do believe pressure is justified. Right now, we're talking about a police department that, according to the victim, seems to be dragging its feet on this and not taking it as seriously as it should. And while, yes, that's the victim's word against the police department's, given the history of the region and the state in general (and not just the state of Texas, let's be honest), I don't have a difficult time believing her. And for a person speaking for the police department to say something as boneheaded as I quoted in the diary does not paint the department in a particularly positive light, either.

    And yes, Texas has a history of throwing the book at black males. Absolutely, there's no denying that. But the queer dimension makes it quite a bit more complicated, as I said above.

    Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

    by Chrislove on Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 09:32:16 PM PST

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    •  Dallas County DA: Craig Watkins (2+ / 0-)
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      denig, NancyWH

      This may get somewhat complicated.  Watkins is black. The official websie:

      Watkins' own campaign website:

      Watkins has been a national leader in exonerations for wrongful convictions, including DNA-based reversals of murder cases.  Mnay of those accuse have been black.  I don't know if there's been any "record" on LGBT hate crimes, either under his "watch", or any investigations in to past crimes.

      Here is the Dallas County Sheriff: Lupe Valdez. She is an out lesbian.

      Official site:
      Valdez's own campaign site:

      Watkins and Valdez are both Democrats, elected county-wide.  I imagine there has already been a couple of conversations between their offices about this.

      Here's what the Dallas Voice article says:

      Just watch.

      I'm part of the "bedwetting bunch of website Democrat base people (DKos)." - Rush Limbaugh, 10/16/2012 Torture is Wrong! We live near W so you don't have to. Send love.

      by tom 47 on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 06:19:56 AM PST

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      •  Why? (2+ / 0-)
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        futurebird, NancyWH

        Why do you assume a black DA can't convict a black man? Why do you assume a lesbian sherriff can'tjustly prosecute a criminal who attacks a lesbian?  

        There's nothing "complicated" here.  Both should (and will, I think), work toward justice.

        Remember that Mesquite is split between two counties, Dallas County and Kaufman County.  It may not be in Dallas County at all.

        Minority rights should never be subject to majority vote.

        by lostboyjim on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 06:59:59 AM PST

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      •  really? (3+ / 0-)
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        gratis4, sny, NancyWH

        "This may get somewhat complicated.  Watkins is black. "

        I think you should stop and think about what you are suggesting here.

        •  My comment was perhaps not nuanced (0+ / 0-)

          There were comment s from chrislove and Grizzard regarding criminal justice in Texas further up, and some others regarding how others thought this might "typically" play out here. I was tryi g to add some facts about local offic ials and perhaps paint a different picture . I dix not mean to imply Watkins would or could not prosecute a black person. My information was intended to enlighten those perhaps unfamiliar with the officials here that they might not fit their preconceived ideas of Texas and Dallas.

          Dallas is still a relatively conservative place, including some black prople as well. I am sincerely confident in my DA. He will see justice done rather than simlly try to "put criminals behind bars". It would be fair to say he will bring a heightened aware ness to the job.
          In Dallas County this will be complicated. It will not be business as usual as in the past in Texas.
          I hope that is clearer.

          I'm part of the "bedwetting bunch of website Democrat base people (DKos)." - Rush Limbaugh, 10/16/2012 Torture is Wrong! We live near W so you don't have to. Send love.

          by tom 47 on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 02:17:32 PM PST

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