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View Diary: "Social Security Won't Be There" - The GOP's Desperate Big Lie (63 comments)

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  •  Turn it around on them... EMERGENCY!!!! ... (0+ / 0-)

    Start a MEME that we need to raise the cut off from $104K to infinity.

    Hilarious just to watch the back peddling if suddenly we took the claim seriously and sought ACTION to solve the "crisis" in Soc Sec.

    •  They are using a different frame (0+ / 0-)

      Your 'Crisis' builds on the idea that the problem is a projected cut in benefits.

      And while some folk on the Right, wary of the Third Rail of American Politics, pay lip service to that, the belief of even the honest ones (to the extent that they exist) is that the 'Crisis' is one of over-promising.

      If the 'Crisis' is the latter, the 'fix' is letting the Olds down easy, by protecting the over 55s and using only 'tweaks' like 'Superlative CPI' to establish a glide path back to 'sustainability'.

      Now you, me and 99% of dKos commenters may believe the problem is inadequate benefits both before and after the projected cut in 2034 and so the obvious 'fix' to our 'crisis' is to increase revenues via cap increase or whatever. And IMHO we are perfectly correct.

      On the other hand you aren't going to be able to back the bad guys into a corner using that line of argumentation. From their perspective you are just doubling down on soft-headed sappy liberalism that led to the over promises to start with.

      On Social Security like in most everything the Left and the Right live in different epistemic environments. As a result both sides only SEEM to be using the same language. And as a result a rhetorical move that seems a slam dunk in our (Leftie) language falls flat in Right ears. Because your "crisis" is not their "crisis". - SocSec.Defender at - founder DK Social Security Defenders group - (hmm is there a theme emerging here?)

      by Bruce Webb on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 11:40:50 AM PST

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