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  •  One problem with non-verbal (3+ / 0-)
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    communication is that a deaf pet has to

    1) Know where you are

    2) Be looking at you

    My elderly cat went deaf. There's a difference (very generally speaking) between cats and dogs, in that cats are not always focused on where their human is at.

    Smidge startled easily, and I learned to make her aware of where I was by toe-tapping (Kinda like Larry Craig, but with different motivations). I would actually stomp to call her if I didn't know where she was.

    She always came to see what was up, unlike when she was hearing. (She was a cat. Only came when called if she felt like it)

    She passed away a few years ago. I soon was blessed by being chosen by a young, healthy new kitty. It took me awhile to realize that I never talked to my new companion. I was completely conditioned to non-verbal communication. I had to relearn speaking to cats. That was a very strange revelation.

    Anyway, I think that my point was supposed to be that if you need to get a deaf animals attention they are very sensitive to ground vibrations. Use your feet.

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