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View Diary: I Know You Think You Have a Constitutional Right to Vote - But You Really Don't. (160 comments)

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  •  I agree that the Constitution is obsolete (2+ / 0-)
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    Pluto, a2nite

    Also, I believe that as alluded to in the diary, it is the principle of state sovereignty that is at the root of our voting woes. I go a bit further, though: I believe that appeasing and compromising with slaveholders is not only at the root of state control over voting rights, but is also at the root of the whole state sovereignty enchilada. That is, had the Founders been unwilling to dilute their Universal Rights fervor in order to recruit the slaveholding colonies into supporting the revolution, the Confederation, and the federal constitution, we would now have states or provinces only as administrative entities, probably still with some similarity to the colonies and territories, but we would have only one constitution and one government, not 51. I'm sure we'd still have problems, but niggling inconsistencies in how we vote, how we tax, how we school our children, how we license our professionals, and how we prosecute and sentence our criminals would not be among them.

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