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  •  The word wrap (7+ / 0-)

    reminds me of edscan!

    Once you get in the rhythm it is like reading poetry. I don't like to read poetry because you can't scan it. You must "say" it.

    There you are. People feel differently about such things but I feel like I'm being led around by the nose.

    •  You are being led around by the nose, (0+ / 0-)

      when reading anything by bigjac.

      Maybe it's annoying,
      in some cases,
      because the reader wants to pause at some other place,
      not where I hit enter,
      and moved your eyes down.

      I've noticed that when I read some of this free verse
      (I would call it free verse,
      not word wrap)
      written by others;
      those others wrote lines much shorter than mine,
      and I found myself wanting to edit their work....

      with at least some readers,
      that may be what's happening,
      and why folks feel annoyed.

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