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    One of the first native species Earth explorers find are the Chieri, a race of six-fingered, tall and telepathic individuals of semi-hermaphroditic physiology. They are extremely long-lived, with life-spans reaching into the tens of thousands of years. They are variously described as having golden or gray eyes and with long, translucent or silver-gray hair. The Chieri also are a race on the verge of extinction due to low fertility rates. But it is found in rare instances that Chieri and human can interbreed. They will change sexes as the situation warrants for mating purposes.

    The Chieri are later explained in The World Wreckers as the last, dying remnants of a space traveling species whose abilities have dwindled with their fertility and ambition as a species. Darkover is their home world, which they once left searching for means to halt their extinction, and to which they returned when they had no hope left.

    Chieri and humans are very similar biologically and can interbreed, which led to the emergence of humans with great psychic gifts, the Comyn. It is possible that humans are a sub-species of Chieri, as they seem to have come first. However, in Star of Danger, the Chieri who aids Kennard Alton and Larry Montray, tells them that the Chieri share common ancestors with the Trailmen and the Kyrri, though not with the Terrans.

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    by Denise Oliver Velez on Sun Mar 03, 2013 at 07:35:59 AM PST

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