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View Diary: BREAKING; GITMO ABUSES CONFIRMED!!! (296 comments)

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  •  I am not sure why this is news anymore... (4.00)
    The pattern is there for everyone to see:

    1 If there is any news unfavorable to the White House, then find the slightest weakness in the messenger - a perfect example of this is Amnesty International's secretary Irene Khan's comment that Guantanamo is the Gulag of our times.

    2 Hit the messenger hard on that immediately (first it was Dick Cheney on Larry King, then it was Bush in his press conference, and finally Rumsfeld in his mutterings to the press)

    3 If contrary evidence comes out a few days/weeks later, by then the able White House team will have manufactured a different "reality" for the compliant press to burrow their noses in... so no harm no foul from the original lies

    This of course does not work for Congress as well as there are multiple heads and centers of power, so a coherent "message" cannot be flagged to the media.

    The root cause is not Republican politics, but the fear of globalization. Middle America and its unwashed masses loved capitalism and free markets while it worked for USA - a vast country that could produce and consume well within its boundaries. Other nations were too far in all measures - and could not compete with the US corporations - that then produced great prosperity, even for the barest of educated work force.

    Now that many of these barriers have fallen away, specially the barrier to transmission of information and knowledge, it is hard for America (and also Europe) to compete with lower wage areas where there is some infrastructure and pent up demand for growth. It is not just India and China,  but many former European countries today, and it will be Africa at some future date. So that is what is fertile ground for things like Patriot Pastors projects in Ohio, the coingate scandals, the rejection of EU in France and Netherlands.

    However, Tom Friedman's analysis is too simplistic. In India, where he has been welcomed as the "white prophet", he brushes aside huge structural problems of poverty, communalistic forces, corruption, but much more importantly, lack of quality leadership that permeates down to lower levels. In China, there are immense inequities between the countryside and the urban centers, huge aging population because of one-child policy, and a possibility of weak banking system and energy shortages. So no one has the free pass yet. But we in America are now increasingly afraid of the global competition. Under these circumstances, history is repeating itself with Bush and his merry band of "reality" players.

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