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    JeffW, nchristine, FloridaSNMOM

    to Enya for many years for that calming effect she has...I can barely listen to music at all any more however, because of the near PTSD-like memories that music brings. I have to confine my memories to those made within about the last year or life becomes unbearable.

    A friend takes valium every day for anxiety--a very small dose--and it really makes a difference for her. Is that a possibility for you?

    I know what you mean about the fear of Ralph. I had it for a long time--not nearly as severe as you're describing--but eventually I did get Norwalk and had to perform the ablutionary activity, and you know what? Since I felt so much better afterwards I have not been fearful of it since. I have a Lapband and it is not a successful implant. I have to occasionally clear the pipe and I have learned to control the muscles involved in such a way as to protect the implant and port.

    A friend's mom says: "life is great if you don't weaken." Stay strong, rexy.

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