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  •  The Real Elephant in the Room (2+ / 0-)
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    It’s always so sad to see the periods of violence in the Middle East. They’re usually followed by a brief period of wishful thinking of a permanent peace. The main items needed for peace are indisputable. First is a Palestinian State. That’s a given. Second are borders. Borders have been essential agreed upon for years, starting with the 1967 borders with adjustments for settlements and defendable security concerns.

    The real elephant in the room that is rarely discussed out loud is Jerusalem. Most objective people would agree that Jerusalem should not be a divided city. Israel and the Palestinians would both like to have Jerusalem as a Capital. Jerusalem is arguably the most holy city on Earth and should not be allowed to be mixed with any politics. It’s a city that’s too important to too many people. While I’m sure Israel would be a fine steward for Jerusalem, that circumstance would surely be a sore spot of contention with others in the region, and thus it’s impediment to peace.

    What would be best for Jerusalem, and a huge step towards peace, is for Jerusalem to become an autonomous state of its own. It should be controlled by a panel of religious leaders of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths with its sole goal of preserving the religious history for all. Panel members would have to be approved by the other religions as a person who could preserve the history of their own religion while showing tolerance and understanding to the other religions.

    This should not be viewed by Israelis as just another concession for peace, but as the way to best preserve Jerusalem for religions sake. Jerusalem should be a holy city first and only. This would be an epic moment in history and would be the biggest step ever to bring religious peoples together. So much religious history is marked by violence. A unified Jerusalem could bring peace not just between Jews and Arabs but would be an example that could literally spread around the world and usher in a peace beyond anything ever been imagined. It would also remove the wind from the sails of the detractors of peace.
    This elephant in the room could become the best gift to the world ever. It’s time to break the cycle.

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