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  •  sitting in the US embassy (2+ / 0-)
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    Ahianne, eXtina

    American services area this morning, needing to get something notarized, and I was treated to this crap to make my 2 hour commute in nasty Bangkok traffic even better.

    On the plus side - the embassy experience overall was wonderful.  Very polite, friendly, and even funny, national guard staff, and efficient consular officers that sorted everything out beautifully in record time.

    But Fox News?  Seriously?  It's not (thankfully) available as part of our satellite tv offerings, so I guess they got it from Armed Services Network or something.  But they can't do better at showcasing high quality free press in our offices overseas - something that's pretty fundamental to a well-functioning democracy - than Fox?  We'll leave aside how mortified I would have been if it had been not Mitt and Ann, but some of the more rabid and nasty sorts they have on from time to time.  

    I was annoyed enough I will write to someone, but I wonder if this is standard practice in all embassies, or I've just been unlucky in my last two postings and had this been the embassy staff's preferred channel or something.  sigh...

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