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View Diary: Joy Reid turns the 'Entitlement' tables today on MTP (193 comments)

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    I dont' know anyone else that had a situation like that one that Sharpton had. It was so profusely covered in the press that everyone knows about it, and it was Huge when it turned out to be a false story. It felt to me, as I said above, that his silence in not saying he made a mistake was very LOUD.
    He has a tv show where he presents news and analysis. We want to trust someone in that role to own up to when  he makes a mistake. I think some people I talk to would not trust he'd apologise for an error.
    I think he can keep his show, but it does detract for him I think.

    To be honest, when i say I watch Al Sharpton's show, the friends and family I've told in many occasions just rolled their eyes. I wish it wasn't so. All they remember is his mistake because he didn't apologise as far as we all know. I wonder if his defenders above realize that so many people don't take him as seriously as he deserves because he never apologised/owned his error. He would have gained MUCH if he had. It would have been it seems to me in his own best interests to do so.

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