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    is that they are all gnosticisms, at bottom, because that's what all epistemically closed belief systems become of necessity when someone chooses to carry them on despite their refutation in the world of common experience.

    Small g gnosticisms converge toward the same doctrines and lose in concrete details (but gain in imaginary kinds) over time as they increasingly reject correction/reform and break/lose contact with the world of common experience.  Their ability to properly distinguish and discriminate against vanity, grandiosity, and/or insanity diminishes in the process and their concern for the real welfare of the rest of society and the world at large becomes small if not zero and turns very largely into utter contempt.

    In a sense people who belong to these movements/groups no longer think of themselves as citizens of Earth with earnest responsibilities to the other such citizens.  They consider themselves largely participants in Another Realm and as such see no need to be bound by such Worldly things as popular consensus about anything or the laws of the physical realm.  Living in the World becomes only about enacting the special Knowledge they have attained and been initiated into by their belief system and the higher initiates who vouch for its ultimate truth.

    An alternative interpretation- from outside their belief system- is that they're zombies, materially alive but mentally resident in some Heaven or Hell already.

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