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View Diary: The Illinois Department of Public Health vs. Illinois Raw Milk Farmers (267 comments)

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    I've yet to gather the bailiwick of information that might constitute a groundbreaking new work of journalism, a New York Times Bestseller, a box office winner, but I am placing that item on my "to-do list."

    I do know that many of those sites reference academic journals, articles and additional referential websites. I also know when descriptions of raw milk farms are misleading, false or guilty of argumentum ad baculum, an appeal to fear, because I've had fist-hand experience with the raw milk farming industry. I also know that raw milk farming promotes local commerce and fosters community. I also know that fully-armed, helmeted Federal agents have busted down doors, invaded homes without warrants and held families at gun point while their milk was being dumped into the soil. I know The Feds suspected the milk to be contaminated and I know they later found no trace of any foodborne pathogens.

    We had to close The Federal Post Office on Saturdays because the country is strapped for cash. There are open air drug markets in Chicago. Detroit is turning into a ghost-town . . . and the Feds are convinced that the greatest threat to our safety is the milk?

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