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    There's nothing that stops people from laying down their own infrastructure.  That doesn't happen now because there isn't enough profit margin, so you have an oligopoly between the big telcos and cable.

    For example (not the only one), satellite links aren't viable for Internet use because of the long latency to geostationary satellites.  But what if, instead of one expensive satellite 25,000 miles out, you launch a large number of cheap satellites in low orbit?  It's not the satellites that are expensive, it's the cost to put them in orbit.  But that's going to be dropping fast (sooner or later all those private sector space companies are going to realize that launching satellites is the cash cow that pays for everything else).  Once you have a cheap way to launch satellites, a 200-satellite orbital grid in 100-mile orbits becomes feasible.  Now you've got a global network outside the reach of any government.  Incorporate in a friendly country (Iceland would be excellent) that will give it the equivalent of what a Caymans bank account gets.

    That's hardly the only way (it's the only one I can come up with fast, but I'm sure there are a million other options).

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