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    My own comments were based upon a transcript of the 911 call provided by a writer who wrote about it for one of the local papers out there (unfortunately, the link I followed to read it was in the earlier, deleted diary), and it's entirely possible even that transcript was edited.  I think the fact that the daughter (who was also apparently a nurse) was satisfied probably means that when she reviewed what had been done and at what point in time, she probably would have done the same for her own mother.  With the added boxquotes at the bottom of this diary, we now have information that by the time EMT's arrived, the patient had transitioned to non-breathing and pulseless, and the question becomes 'When'?  That was the point at which CPR should have been initiated, if it was going to be.  Given the press coverage, I'm fairly sure there will be an investigation that will determine if there was negligence, whether on the part of the dispatcher, the nurse, or both.

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