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  •  When a next of kin puts a relative into a health (10+ / 0-)

    care facility, they are asked (they being the patient if competent and or the next of kin) to make decisions about when and how much medical treatment is to be given.

    People do have a right to refuse treatment.  That is what right to die or living wills do.

    Does the author know for a fact that the patient had not already made such a decision?

    It sounds like the relatives were Ok with what happened, and that the women was admitted with the understanding that resuscitation was not to be given.

    This also is the procedure of Hospice.  People go there to die because their bodies are dying.

    I watched my dad die, and I have watched patients die, gradually and very quietly with out a sound or flicker.  Their body just stops working.
    They were already years beyond ever getting "well."

    Sometimes it just makes no sense to have somebody electrocuting them and pounding on their chests and breaking their ribs to prolong their suffering.

    The nurse may not be a monster, she likely was doing exactly the patient has asked.  And she has likely seen more deaths in any given year than most us see in a life time.
    Dying is a natural part of life.

    There is a time to let the dying die.

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