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View Diary: John Boehner is full of it on sequestration, in his own words (50 comments)

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    Calamity Jean, SueDe

    If I hear him say, "the president got his tax increases..." one more time, I will not be responsible for what I might do -- especially if I am standing next to him when he says it.  

    There was no tax increase!  There was, merely, a restoration of a portion of the tax rates to their former level, and this was a scheduled restoration; it did not represent some major concession on the part of the Republicans.  

    Technically, of course, all of the scheduled rate restorations for the Bush tax cuts were made, and then, a matter of hours later, some rates were reduced again.  But this was a too-cute trick of the Republicans, and the optics fooled no one.  And the payroll tax cuts were also billed as temporary from the outset.  Again, when those cuts expired, there was a scheduled return to prior levels; there was not a tax increase.  

    In short, Mr. Boehner is lying when he says there was a tax increase.  It is time for the media (or at least Democrats) to call him out on his lies.  And it is time for the Republicans to be reminded that the 2012 election results reaffirmed that "the American people" to whom Mr. Boehner professes to listen endorsed the idea of higher tax rates for the very wealthy -- and the Republicans failed to honor that choice, just as they have failed to acknowledge that President Obama was both elected and re-elected with more than 50% of the vote in each instance.  

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