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  •  I would see elements of both in teaching. In a (3+ / 0-)

    comment in a diary yesterday, I stated,

    I have always said that good teaching is a performance art. I can remember a very smug PhD candidate in Science Education tell me that if I believed that, I shouldn't have been in the PhD program. She intended to teach science education at the university level. I returned to the high school. I think we both ended up in the best place for each of us.
    In light of the comments above, I would suggest the following:
    Even among master teachers teaching the same content to the similar groups of learners, instruction will certainly vary from instructor to instructor. That difference is largely the act of teaching, which I would be comfortable calling "art." This art includes a bunch of stuff. I think most teachers know what this stuff entails.

    There is a scientific aspect of instruction that involves scholarly knowledge of content, student cognition, assessment, and a bunch of other stuff.

    In some settings, the artsy part is central to the mission of education, in other settings, it may have minimal importance. That depends on the audience/students. My students were always appreciative of the delivery.  

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