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  •  Scientific theories (3+ / 0-)

    can be disproved, but never completely proved. Sometimes an outsider to a science can bring a new point of view to the phenomenon observed. (I can't help it, my masters program in social science was based on Thomas Kuhn.)

    From my experience, true learning is a creative process, so teaching must include the developing of creativity. My sister always talks about the moment in a high school class when the class went through a long mathematical proof and arrived at e=mc squared. There is nothing like that aha moment when something makes sense.

    Being able to bring students to that moment takes every trick in the box. I like the music analogy, being a musician. There is a program that will "perform" from written music, but it leaves one very important piece out of the equation: the performer, who is intermediary between composer and auditor. The job of performer is to bring the music to life through his own experiences and skills. In some ways, that is what I see a teacher doing.

    I have never been a classroom teacher, but I have taught violin and viola, and led adult ed classes.

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