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View Diary: Stop it, stop saying Social Security needs reform, you are a Democrat, right? (333 comments)

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    Nice timing!  I sent this out on FB about an hour ago :)

    To all my FB friends:
    First- please keep in mind that I care for all of you;
    Second- understand that it is important to me that all of you are well, in good health and have the opportunity to do what it is that you feel is important;
    Third- I have always been (once I woke up- thank you George Carlin) progressively political. For the sake of peaceful discourse, I have not always said what is burning in my chest. That changes today. The fact that Social Security is being put on the table as part of the 'sequester' negotiations is obscene. The whole 'sequester' concept in it's entirety is obscene. The fact that the same people who were directly responsible for crashing the economy and putting us in the position where unscrupulous operators have the opportunity to present obscenities like the 'sequester' as 'responsible and sane' solutions are 1. not in jail (nor has there ever been the remote possibility of them ever being held accountable for their actions) and 2. Back to making money hand over fist at the expense of the rest of the population is obscene. I cannot with good conscience watch these people quite literally take food out of the mouths of those that I care care for, simply to feed their own voracious, unending, rapacious greed.
    Fourth- You are going to see a change in the frequency and subject of my postings. There will be a lot more political and more unapologetically progressive posts from me. Given the respect that I have for all of you, I hope that you would give them a moment of your time. If not, that's OK too, that's the wonderful virtue of this country and the free speech we enjoy.
    Fifth- Again, hugs to everybody:)
    Sixth- As individuals and as a country, we are in for some turmoil over the next few years. I wish good fortune to us all!
    See you on the front lines-
    Shout it loud!!

    "Life is too short for front-wheel drive." -Sabine Schmidt

    by nhox42 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 03:10:00 PM PST

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