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    Hopefully that image shows up, but what it is/should be is a map of the unemployment rates for all of the counties in Pennsylvania circa December 2012, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Allegheny County (the orange anvil looking one in the bottom left), where Pittsburgh is located, had an unemployment rate of 6.8% (the city of Pittsburgh was 7.1%, so no real difference), 0.8% lower than the national average at the time. Camden County, not pictured here, had a an unemployment rate of had an unemployment rate of 10.5% over the same period. However, the city of Camden had an unemployment rate of 18.5%

    Also, if you look at the map, I think it's interesting to note that in addition to hyper-wealthy Chester County outside of Philly and Montour County (which I have no clue about), the only other county in the state with unemployment numbers below 6% is Centre County, where Penn State is located.

    Thus, I'd imagine a lot of Pittsburgh's success has stemmed from University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon, as well as their immense hospital system. And, as it turns out, of Pittsburgh's top 6 businesses, one is U of Pitt, two are hospitals (including #1 UPMC) and two are state and US government jobs.

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      I guess this says alot for the term "downward spiral". In a place like Camden where even the public library is a hollow shell I suppose that degeneration of an area without a backstop like you described in Pittsburgh does make a difference. Thanks for the research VS.

      BTW: My relatives in the Pittsburgh area tell me that the Southside area which used to be nothing but warehouse space is now the "in place" to club.  So where Camden went downhill without any re-investment or money to rehab it looks like the Three Rivers area took advantage of lower real estate to revitalize itself.

      later guy!


      by FakeNews on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 03:47:58 PM PST

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