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View Diary: Maybe Arming Teachers Is Not Such A Good Idea: Teacher has meltdown, writes gun threat on chalkboard (48 comments)

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    Williston Barrett, SaraBeth

    I am a retired teacher (started out in IN).  I have taught in the barrios of San Antonio, TX, and in a one room school.  I have taught K-8, Middle School and High School.   Kids do wacky things, especially in Middle and high school.  They would try to figure out a way to get the gun..not planning on using it, but to see if they could do it!  
    I have had kids stand up and attack another student; my job was to get the other students OUT OF THE WAY.  I would NOT want a gun or the hassle of trying to get it out.  I had a student who was high on drugs and suddenly freaked out in the classroom.  We called for help and two of the boys and I were able to keep him from hurting anyone,including himself.  There were NO GUNS!  If a teacher had had a gun, that 17 year old might have been shot.  

    I have been absolutely driven up a wall by my students. ALL teachers get driven up a wall by their students and some of their parents.  I used to threaten to beat my high school students with a wet noodle...  They knew, at that point, I was pissed!  Okay one day,  a couple of the boys brought me in some wide, flat, wet noodles.  AND, yes, I beat them with them!  

    GUNS DO NOT BELONG IN CLASSROOMS!  A teacher's first job is to teach and educate his/her students.  It is to also protect them, but not by guns, but by knowing how to get the out of danger, how to defend throwing things if we can't get them out of the room.  

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