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    “Please take this. It is a partial manuscript of the adventure of The Visionary Company way back before you joined. Perhaps it will inspire the others. Joey is the author. (She had never read it, of course). Read it to the others. Perhaps it will inspire them! Now, go forth and gather Arthur himself, Gawain the Great, Agravain Brother of Gawain, Gaheris Brother of Gawain. Gareth Brother of Gawain, Lancelot Greatest Knight of the Round Table who was, of course screwed around with Arthur's wife. Galahad, he of the Holy Grail and really the Greatest Knight of the Round Table but the girls like Lancelot, Parsifal Knight of the Round Table. Bors Knight of the Round Table. Pellinor Knight of the Round Table. Bedivere Knight of the Round Table and last one to see Arthur alive and finally Caradoc Knight of the Round Table, noted for being the husband of the only lady in the queen's train who could wear "the mantle of matrimonial fidelity." What was her name, La Belle?”

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