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    I brought up the USSR to highlight the problem with conceiving workable alternatives to corporate rule, and to show what pitfalls we have to avoid. I want to apologize for not making it plain why I was bringing up the USSR yet again.

    Of course I don't think the USSR is the only possible alternative to Mitt Romney and the Koch Brothers.

    What I would advocate is co-operative ownership of production and retail distribution.

    A co-op could be run by a board of directors elected by the workers, sometimes combined with representation of customers or users, and perhaps also of a minority that could be elected by shareholders.

    Credit unions, already a familiar institution, could replace banks.

    But let us be clear on one thing. Co-ops will not just gradually spread until they replace corporate owned production. The struggle against the bourgeosie is a political struggle. There must be a progressive government to foster the growth of the co-ops, instead of a capitalist government to foster the corporations.

    If the history of America has taught us anything, it's this. The government is never neutral.

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    by Kimball Cross on Thu Mar 07, 2013 at 09:34:16 AM PST

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