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View Diary: Abbreviated pundit roundup: You can't negotiate with illogical people (116 comments)

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  •  Agree with most of your assessment... (1+ / 0-)
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    historys mysteries

    ....except the last point.

    I think he gives Americans too much credit for being smart and sensible.

    "Michael Moore, who was filming a movie about corporate welfare called 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' sought and received incentives."

    by Bush Bites on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 05:37:03 AM PST

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    •  i wish i could agree, but if he thought Americans (3+ / 0-)

      were smart, then explaining the truth about the economy would be easy.  That the housing crash made people poorer, and that businesses cannot produce goods without customers, and that government can fill that gap.  This is a very reasonable story that smart sensible people understand, and are living.  But his story falls into old deficit wives tales, trying to appease the David Brooks of the world.  That is not assuming a smart electorate since a smart electorate can understand a different message.

      •  Except poll after poll (2+ / 0-)
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        PorridgeGun, Faito

        shows the American public to be incredibly ignorant on issues like the budget and the sequester.

        “We are not a nation that says ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ We are a nation that says ‘out of many, we are one.’” -Barack Obama

        by skohayes on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 06:30:56 AM PST

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        •  as well they should be - they have real lives to (1+ / 0-)
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          Laconic Lib

          live.  But that is where someone who has the media's ear ... could deliver a message.  But if you are a slave to polls and not one's own rhetorical ability - sigh.  Even more basically - this stuff being tried now has been a colossal failure in Europe - and some of that is in the real news.  But as long as there is no voice to these facts (heaven forbid the white house offer it) we are left with two awful choices.

      •  Nonsense! (0+ / 0-)

        If you'd bothered to listen to him you'd realize that is exactly what he has been saying. Go to the White House video collection and watch his statements.

        You are exactly like the Republicans in Ezra Kleins recent article who complain endlessly about Pres Obama on issues that he has definitively addressed. They NEVER listen to a thing he says! That's you too!

        "What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them." -- Pres. Obama (1/20/2009)

        by zizi on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 11:23:48 AM PST

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