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View Diary: New Democratic bill would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 (84 comments)

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    I have a career that pays me well over the minimum wage and my wife makes a little more than minimum wage, and between our two incomes we barely get by, Every dime we have goes to bills and basic essentials. I have no TV, I use the internet at work, as does she, and on our phones, we have one reliable car and another that is fixing to crap the bed.
    Gas prices are outrageous, and so is everything at the super market, that is in direct correlation with the price of fuel. It is time to give everyone a LIVING wage not a minimum. My concern though is that even with a decent wage we have to get our taxes under control and help the hard working people keep more of our money, or figure out a way to get gas prices lower like maybe drilling here? Or getting the XL pipeline going.
    A living wage over 15 an hour would be a good start though.
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