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  •  Tell your son... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...that you can, for the most part, live a normal life as an Aspie.  20 years of therapy (10 group, 10 individual) and a ton of practice have really helped me.  I can pass for neurotypical for short periods (like job interviews).

    The true problem is the utter lack of jobs, which is a problem for nearly everyone, in nearly every job field, in this country right now.

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      I'm even worried about my own job...24 years in education as a teacher and now a social worker, and the governor islooking to cut social workers from the schools. I f I can get to 25 I'll at least get a pension, though not the full amount. Wife has had no luck in the science field. i don't even know what to tell kids to major in.

      •  Tell 'em to major in whatever they want to study. (1+ / 0-)
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        However, be frank that there are, at least right now, very few jobs waiting for them out of college, so they better have some survival skills and/or practical skills as well.  Being able to make money via nontraditional (i.e., without a job) means is vital in a jobs Depression, and it is part of why I myself have such problems...I am poor at getting other people to part with money for doing things for them, outside of a traditional job.

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