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  •  I'm Sorry for Your Loss... (4.00)
    ...for David's loss, and for Mary's ex 'partner' (you had mentioned Mary lived with her in Chicago).  Unless the break-up was unusually acrimonious, she would probably grieve as well. Has she been told?

    Since you said her partner was a 'her,' it sounds as if Mary may have been part of the gay community and if so, here's something that may bring some consolation: estrangement from family is not all that uncommon for gay people. So gay folks often form families of their own. Chances are Mary didn't have to spend a Christmas (or whatever her meaningful holidays happened to be) alone.

    I hope Mary's other family (or families) have a chance to read your story as well. It's not all that welcoming on dkos for gay people who don't like being treated as an afterthought, but maybe a few still check in every now and then. And maybe they'll be inspired by Mary's story. I wish I had known her. Maybe I did.

    "Dictators would be better off if they zoom zoomed now and then" - Ira Gershwin

    by jabney on Sat Jun 04, 2005 at 07:24:47 PM PDT

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