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View Diary: Why You Should Give $80 to a Fyvoh Wonzy Four instead of $100 to a Fyvoh Wonzy Three (9 comments)

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  •  umm, 501c3's and 501c4's do different things... (2+ / 0-)
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    jeff in nyc, stevej

    ...and you've mischaracterized or over-generalized a coupla issues into needlessly murky areas.

    501c3's do a broad variety of work - ranging from direct services to clients to advocacy and education of the general public. 501c3's are broadly forbidden to engage in overt political or lobbying behavior.

    501c4's are able to engage in overt or political behavior - as a matter of fact, they must engage in overt or political behavior in order to maintain their non-profit status.

    So, folks want their tax-deductible donation to go to political ends, by all means they should donate to a 501c4 organization that might accomplish those ends.

    And, if folks want their tax-deductible donation to go more toward the direct-to-the-beneficiary side of things, they might look into 501c3 organizations.

    Tho' the claim that...

    Most charities know that you think you have to give to a 501(c)(3), and so they go through great contortions to make everything they do charitable.
    That claim is a mischaracterization of the worst sort.


    •  you're right (0+ / 0-)

      about the mischaracterization--i was thinking (very generously mind you, of groups that I like) that would rather have political dollars but know they have to have nonpolitical dollars to raise money. the "most charities" is not true. thanks!

      •  you're still confused, it's political activities.. (0+ / 0-)

        ...not "political dollars". 501c3's can raise money from and accept contributions from any legal entity. However, they cannot spend those contributions on political activities (broadly speaking, I mean, there are specific guidelines that define what are or are not circumscribed activities).


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