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View Diary: Republicans still conflicted on who to blame for election failures (53 comments)

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  •  blah blah blah... we won in November. BFD. (0+ / 0-)

    All that got us was Sequestration. Anyone feeling like a winner? And, anyone that truly thinks the T-GOP is toast, tits up, lost in the abyss... is smoking something. Becuz the reality in this reality-based world we're s'posed to be living in suggests that not only are the TeaPubs still alive, but they're alive enough to kick our ass in 2014 and '16. Hell, they're kicking our ass in 2013! What evidence is there to suggest they won't in 2014? 2016?
    The reality is we need to work as hard in 2013-'14 and 2015-'16 as we did in 2011-'12. Vacation is over. It's back to work.

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